July OFFER - FREE pint glass with every £19.99 tee

It's your round....

Lockdown Arms

The Great British pub has been a staple tradition of UK culture for centuries.  The Lockdown Arms has been keeping spirits high and we are here to help you get through this tough time.

Join us in the following ways:

- BUY a POLO and Become your own Landlord! 

- World's Largest Lock-in - remember this crazy time with a PINT-TEE

and get ready for the dash to the pub when they open with:

- Great British Pub Run! 

Welcome, we hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget to buy your round!

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Chris, Landlord of the Lockdown Arms

World's Largest Lock-in


Lockdown Essentials

Polo by Lockdown

Ever wanted to be your own Landlord? 

No - me neither but these polos are perfect as you set up your own pub at home. 

Great gift for you or your old man!

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Run to the pub

Only allowed to exercise? What’s going on? If you’ve walked or even run to check if your local is open yet - we think you deserve a medal!

But we don’t have any of those so here’s a tee to mark the occasion instead, and now for just £19.99 you get a tee and a pint glass its a PINT-TEE

Been there...

I didn’t actually run to the pub, but thought the tee shirt might motivate me to, one day....


Its been a crazy year, and I thought I deserved a treat so I bought myself a PintTee. Love it!


Wear the polo for date night with the missus, makes me look like I’ve made a bit of an effort.